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1. Moor Frog (2021-07-01)

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2021-07-13. Moor Frog.

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Marsh Frog (Pelophylax ridibundus)

© yuriy malkov

First record in Kostanai oblast.

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2020-05-29. Marsh Frog (Georgiy Shakula), Dice Snake (Georgiy Shakula).

2019-11-24. Medial Racerunner (Georgiy Shakula).

2019-04-30. Dione Snake (Andrei Kuryashkin).

2019-03-13. Desert Monitor (Marina Chirikova), Desert Monitor (Marina Chirikova).

2019-01-01. Halys Pit Viper (Andrei Kuryashkin).

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